Thursday, 25 September 2014

How will Jason Oranges departure affect the UK Take That Tribute Bands?

Jason Orange quits Take That, but how will his departure effect the Take That tribute bands around the UK?

We spoke to Carl Christian the manager of the No1. & 1st Take That tribute band called 'Fake That' about what impact Mr Orange quitting the real band would have:

"I don't think it will make too much difference to Fake That and the rest of the TT tribute bands around the UK.  As we all know Take That started life as a 5 piece, before dropping to a 4 man show when Robbie
Fake That at the Sky Awards
left.  Robbie then re-joined for one tour, so back to a 5 man, then talks of being just a 4 piece for the new album, and now with they're a 3 piece!  Regardless of Robbie initially leaving the group, 95% of Fake That shows are as a 5!  If you think Relight My Fire, or Never Forget etc you imagine TT in their original line up!  These songs are still without doubt the most popular at all our shows, so we envisage this to continue, although we do offer a 4 man show, and will now offer a 3 piece option as well"!

So there you have it - no change really for the Take That tribute shows, other than to offer a 3 man line up as an additional show option!

To book Fake That as a 5, 4, or 3 man show visit their website at, or contact StarBookers at

Fake That are the most widely recognised tribute to Take That, having been the first tribute to TT, and then
Fake That with TV's Got To Dance Kimberly Wyatt
having their trading name used in the Comic Relief 2011 Red Nose Day's hilarious spoof video, which saw the real Take That holding 'Fake That' tribute band auditions that included comedians David Walliams, James Corden, John Bishop, Catherine Tate and Alan Carr!

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