Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chas and Dave tribute acts - perfect for 2012!

Daz n Chave on Stars In Their Eyes
Daz n Chave on Stars In Their Eyes
Okay, coming up this year we've got the London 2012 Olympics in July & August, the England Football Team competing at Euro 2012 in June, and a little celebration this weekend that is uniting the whole country - The Queens Diamond Jubilee!  So what could be better enterainment for a good old knees up and sing-a-long than music by Chas n Dave - or at least a tribute act to them!  
Chas and Dave Tribute Act - Chas n Dayve - from StarBookers
Chas n Dayve
Chas and Dave Tribute Act - Gertcha - from StarBookers
StarBookers now have three Chas and Dave tributes available this year: Gertcha; Chas and Dayve (otherwise known as Phil and Grants Rock n Roll Party); and the latest addition Daz n ChaveDaz n Chave have joined the ever growing list of tribute acts and tribute bands at StarBookers, making it one of, if not the largest listing of tribute bands in the UK!
Daz n Chave have not only performed for their idols, they've even performed with them, and were the Chas n Dave tribute act that appeared on TV's Stars In Their Eyes.  'Ain't No Pleasing You' was the song they performed on the acclaimed TV show, but their live performances include all the hits such as 'Rabbit', 'Gertcha', 'Margate' and many more.
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Greatest Take That Tribute Band perform in Bahrain!

A sensational night was had by all in the searing heat in Bahrain as The Greatest Take That Tribute Band flew 4000 miles, courtesy of sponsors British Airways to perform at The British Club in Manama!
The show, which took place at the beginning of May 2012 was a special outdoor 'Take That' tribute night concert for members and guests held in the venues grounds.  The Greatest were chosen above all other Take That tribute acts to perform due to their uncanny & unrivalled soundalike ability and because of the inclusion of Matthew Holbrook (aka Millennium) the No.1 Robbie Williams tribute act within The Greatest's 2 hour Take That tribute show.  Matthew had previously performed in Bahrain in November 2009, which culminated in him jumping from the stage into the pool at the end of his show!  Funnily enough everyone remembered him!
"What a trip!  What a night!  What a show!"  Were the comments from The Greatest boys, but what they forgot to mention was the 'No need to Relight Your Fire' heat at 44°C heat (108F), which made for a very interesting sound check during the afternoon and a sweltering show at night!
Things are also hotting up for The Greatest Take That Tribute Band internationally as corporate demand for the show is growing worldwide.  With Germany, Scotland, Wales and now Bahrain, plus with Italy, Spain, and Malta to come in August this year, The Greatest have confirmed themselves as the first truly 'International' corporate Take That Tribute Band!
The Greatest even caught the attention of the Bahrain press with an article in the Gulf Daily News newspaper and due to the success of the show a rebooking is already in the pipeline!
The Greatest wish to thank once again the official sponsors British Airways, and especially The British Club for everything, they hope to see you all again very soon!
To see pictures of the whole trip in Bahrain see The Greatest Take That Tribute Bands Photo Gallery page 

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