Wednesday, 24 April 2013

JLS to split but it's not the end for the JLS Tribute Bands!

JLS Tribute Band - JLS Adventure staying together!
JLS have announced that they will be splitting up after a Finale Tour which is scheduled to be in December 2013!

After two Brit Awards, five MOBO Awards, five number one hits, and selling more than ten million records Aston, Marvin, JB & Oritse have decided to call it quits and pursue different ventures.

However, it's not the end for their JLS Tribute Bands who will continue to work on.........but why?

Well, JLS are planning one last single, a farewell greatest hits album and as mentioned a 'Goodbye' arena tour! 

The media coverage that the breaking news has caused, is renewing interest in their tribute bands and especially one in particular called JLS Adventure

Steven (pictured top left above) the lead vocalist and manager of the tribute band said on hearing the news of JLS's split "I'm really sad about it!  I actually know the boys so I did know this was coming, but as far as JLS Adventure are concerned it's already creating even more demand for us!"

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